Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This is Miami...

Whether I like to admit it or not, I truly do love my hometown, Miami.

Living in a different city, furthermore, a real American city has truly opened my eyes to how unique Miami really is. All of us 305-ers have a special bond, something that sets us apart from the next person or any other city kids.

Nothing is more frustrating, though, than the stereotypes I hear on a regular basis:

"Oh you're from Miami? So you speak Mexican?"

"Do you live on a boat and go to the beach everyday?"

And also, there isn't salsa music blasting as we roam the streets.

Hence why I write this post...
Magic City Memoirs is an independent film directed and written by Aaron Salgado and J.D. Freixas respectively. The film uses Miami as it's backdrop for the plot and follows the life of three best-friends as they are upon graduating from their private high-school. Must emphasize the private school part, private and public schools in Miami are like alternate universes to each other. Growing up in this city is what I'd like to equate to the "fast life". Constant partying and growing up reeeeal fast in the bubble.

Here's a synopsis:
In Miami, three lifelong friends, months away from high school graduation indulge in reckless behavior that finds them on the brink of either their graduation or their mortality. These three friends are from very different backgrounds. Mikey Acosta is a star high school baseball prospect, while Angel is a whiz of a student as well as the son of a prominent Miami politician. Stok is the son of an incarcerated drug lord. These three best friends attempt to navigate through their senior year amongst the pressures and temptations of the city.

Sounds juuuust like my high school days. The trailer was recently released. I think it will be pretty good, mostly because it looks legit with a the storyline to back it up. Not exactly sure when it will be released.

Here's the trailer:

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