Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Style > Looks

My picky-ness in certain aspects of life has proven to be a perpetual problem, a disease of some sort. For example, when walking the streets and I see a lad come my way, I notice first not what he looks like, but rather what he is wearing. At times I may be looking at their faces first, but this action is quickly 'checked and balanced' by what his apparel is. If he is wearing running sneakers with jeans, adios papo. I am essentially shallow in my own way.

For me, style resonates with all other things that lead to good taste. If he dresses well, he certainly keeps up with anything closely related to entertainment, fashion, art, media, pop-culture, and the likes.

Exhibit A: I was in Georgetown hanging out with visitors and nons, all who were male, and they wanted to check out this store called Major. The store is a boutique that specializes in sneaker and streetwear with brands like Nike, Nike Sportswear, The Hundreds, Converse, etc etc... The guy who worked there, by any other means, was not my type, at all. However, I checked out his dark wash Levi's, cool sneakers, and hipster glasses, and I was pulled in. Plus, he was cool and dare I say, had "swag".

Exhibit B: Yesterday in my PR Writing class, we had guest speakers. Although he opened his mouth and was questionably gay, which is cool, I found him to be attractive because of his cream cable-knit sweater, oxfords, and jeans. Not to mention scruff, I dig the scruff.

Exhibit C: Any guy on The Sartorialist - see below:

 Scruff, check.

This lad may very well be unfortunate looking. But his outfit selection is not.

Of course, there are exceptions. However, I honestly don't think I could ever consider a dude who looks like this:
Sorry, bros. 
(also sorry I copied this image it's from - http://tweensteensandtwenties.blogspot.com/)

Stay picky my friends, stay picky.

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