Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The King of NYFW

We're almost at the end people. Who is sick of these fashion posts? Well if you are, sorry but I told ya I would cover every single day. (I feel bad for myself, as well!)

The King of fashion week, as I  like to think of him, showed both of his collections early this week. Who else would I be talking about other than Marc Jacobs!

Every season, Marc's collections are the ones I am most excited for, he never disappoints. So much so that I've dedicated a whole post solely on his collections! Jealous everyone?

For Marc by Marc Jacobs, the designer went with a 40s theme. Crap, how did he know the 40s, along with the 20s, was our favorite time period? Furthermore, he was still able to showcase this 40s look with his consistent retro edge seen in all Marc by MJ collections. It was a very sophisticated collection for what appears to be the target age group of 18-25 year olds.

Marc by Marc Jacobs:

At Marc Jacobs, I feel like I was mind-f*cked. Literally, by clothing. How the hell did polka dots, latex, lurex, and sequin go together. Well, it did in this collection. Mr. Jacob's described the collection as "the discipline of fashion", so take note of the chin straps and fitted silhouettes.

Marc Jacobs:

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