Monday, January 31, 2011

Why the Long-Ugg-Face?

Time to bring out the fashion police.

Winter. A season I'd like to think people with true style come out. No matter the sleet or snow, you bring out your sartorial best.

For some people this is the case. However, I have to face LUF's everytday. What is a LUF you ask?
LUF (noun) - Girl who wears a longchamp purse, Ugg boots, and a Northface Fleece jacket all together. Accompanied by leggings or jeans with an ugly stitching. This trend is made popular by girls attending college in cold climates.

While I must admit that I do own a pair of Ugg Boots (hey, they're they only shoe that keeps my feet warm, and shit, they are comfy!) I do not wear them with this purse and jacket. Sometimes you may see the longchamp purse be traded off for a goddamn Vera Bradley purse. Seriously? Is that crap cute? NO. Those fug-o-licious bags and accessories look like they came from your grandmothers couch.

Enough with this freaking attire. Girls, invest in a utility jacket, combat boots, and a canvas backpack instead of this overplayed and unoriginal look. You can probably buy all three of those items for half the price you invest in that purse, jacket, and boots. Fine if you like to wear each separately...suit yourself! (literally?) Until then, my eyes will continue to bleed everytime I see a LUF.

Suggested attire -
(Obvi bundle up where you need to.)

Stay Picky my Friends...


p.s. - I googled these pics, sue me.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Egypt in Crisis

While the tone of this blog is supposed to be humorous, the situation in Egypt is not.

As most of you know, the situation in Egypt right now is REALLY bad. To put it lightly. People of Egypt have been undergoing 5 days of protests against their government and president Mubarak, who has had the position for 30 years. The internet was taken down, along with cell phone service.

I was checking out The Huffington Post and on the main page they had a bunch of images from the past few days in Egypt. It's crazy how lucky we are in the US that things like this are rare, and we have a stable government. (While some beg to differ) Look at some of the images, although the situation is terrible, these pictures are very moving.

All images via The Huffington Post

If I were a dude...

I'd be Robert DeNiro. Random? No. Awesome? YES!

This guy is so badass. (Cue "You Talkin' To Me" quote from Taxi Driver)


I know, you're probably thinking why wouldn't I want to be a hot guy like George Clooney or Brad Pitt...but neither of them, despite their incredible good looks, are half as cool as Rob.

I came across a collections of portraits taken of Mr. DeNiro by Hedi Slimane, a French designer who also photographed Gaga's Fame Monster album cover. These pictures are incredible, plus they're black and white. I'd argue that Rob invented swagger, not the Miami Hurricanes. (Sorry guys)

All images via Bloginity

So Rob, can you atleast be my dad?


Didn't think so.

Le sigh.

(don't think I have daddy issues, love my real pops)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

"It's vintage, bitch."

Over Winter break in Sunny Miami, I was cleaning out my closet, which apparently is also a storage for my mothers old pieces, and came across this red thing. It was wool, large, and smelled old. I put it on, and fell in love. (Not the first time I fall in love with a sweater) I thought it was my grandma's from recent times cause it was pretty big, plus I know Wita has some errr...decent style. But God forbid, I could NEVER wear a grandma sweater!! (or can I?)

So I look at the tag, its from United Colors of Benetton, you know the place with the ads and you're not really sure what the point is, and it looked all worn out. My sister and I gawked over it, fought, and I won cause "I'm the one who goes to school in the cold weather!". (teehee) Momma dukes saw us and told us the story of this oversized red wool cardigan.

She started with "to make a long story short"...which never ends up being short. Basically she got it in the 80s on her honeymoon in Sevilla, Spain. The second I heard that, the lady douche inside of me couldn't wait to brag when people complemented me, or not, on the sweater.

So when people ask me, "OMG love da sweater, where's it from?"

I'll just say...
"It's vintage, bitch."

See for yourselves...
Image via moi.


I've been so le bored with my iPod lately! Everyday I am on the hunt for some new, refreshing tunes that make me feel the way The Killers did in 2005/2006, or how Kings of Leon did in 2009. (Still regret writing that paper instead of seeing the Killers that one time.)

Alas, I stumbled my way over to The Hype Machine and perused my way through the popular section. The usual stuff like The xx, Wiz Khalifa, and Dubstep remixes was all there...until I saw Cold War Kids. Now you're probably thinking, "is this like Russian Kidz-Bop crap"? No, actually, it's pretty freaking awesome. (And if you didn't get that joke, go read a newspaper or something.) While they've been around since 2004, and I've definitely heard of them, I never really gave them a shot. Their new album 'Mine Is Yours' came out this past Tuesday January 25th, and it's awesomeeeeeee. The first tracks I listened to were 'Royal Blue' and 'Louder Than Ever'. The lead singers voice sounds like butter on toast. It's smooth and rugged. I'm not a music critic, but this album is pretty sweet.

Hope you enjoy as much as I did.
If you're my Facebook friend, or follow me on Twitter, you probably already got annoyed of me for talking/ posting this for you.

Stay Picky ;)

Royal Blue

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Guys we'll never have...

James Franco, the perfect man.

Not only is he broodingly handsome, he is intelligent, a great actor, and hilarious.

James new film, 127 Hours, is out now in select theatres. I haven't gone to see it, but I do intend to before the Oscar's Feb 27th. I'm nervous for seeing it though - not because of the rumored claustrophobia people get as they watch the film, but because he is wearing cargo shorts. Just kidding, this guy looks good in anything. Also, he is nominated for Best Actor for this film, and is hosting the Oscar's with Anne Hathaway. It would be great if he won, but let's be honest, I just want to see him in a suit...or not.

So here's to you, James. The reason why I'll never be satisfied with any future boyfriend...

                                                         Image via Bloginity - Esquire Magazine

                                                            Esquire Magazine 2010
Here's a throwback from GQ 2008, just to remind us nothing has changed.

Here he is talking about 127 Hours and hosting the Oscar's...swoon...

via Associated Press

Know my roots

One short note...

in order to appreciate the tone and direction of this blog, you should be familiar with my inspiration:
Perez Hilton - Queen of Celebrity Gossip and hometown hero, (Miami 305, what up.)
The Man Repeller - need to be her best friend.
WhoWhatWear - fashion, must
Bloginity - best all around
The Huffington Post - cause we're smart and know what the hell is going on in the world.
The Hype Machine - cause we like music the general public does not.

Those are the basics, needless to say if you're reading this you've probably checked some of these out.


Why so picky...

Dear Reader, or Read-ette...?

If you are reading this, you are one of the following:
A. My friend/ family member (thanks, guys)
B. You're bored and want a new blog to read
C. Other
D. Who the f cares...

If you thought that multiple choice question was totally pointless, congrats, you passed.

Honestly though, here is why you should read my blog:
You're just like me. A single girl, of a certain age, say in your 20s, boyfriendless, and you scratch your head at why. I'll tell you why, you've consumed your mind with materialistic crap, and spend way too much time with other things such as searching for new music on the web, reading fashion blogs you can't keep up with ($), gawking over hot celebrities that you will probably never marry or even meet, reading the news and magazines, and all other sorts of shit we girls do that scare dudes off. This my friends results in you being picky. Where we will never be pleased or satisfied with anything close to reality.  Or maybe this is just me. In that case, I'll stop here...

Just kidding. I know I'm not the only delusional chick in this world.

Anyway, I've been trying to get a start on this blog phenomenon for sometime and I think I've found something I can work with. I'll just be posting stuff like new stuff for you to download, shit I like that I know those of you like me will like (too many likes in one phrase), trends you should get into, trends you should not be into, and your typical and overdone "artsy-farsty" blog. My goal is to highlight things that we love but ultimately lead to our perpetual picky-ness. (made up word?)

While I may be a stickler for grammar at times, I can't lie, I won't necessarily be following those rules as much as I should in this here thang. (oops)

Keep checking TPG on the regular, join me on this blog journey that is my 2011 resolution...