Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dream Purse

Hello new dream purse...welcome to the group.

Proenza Schouler PS1 bag

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Backstage Proenza Schouler F/W 2011

Last month during NY Fashion week, we dedicated a whole post on Proenza Schouler's F/W 2011 Runway. As I was doing the routine blog check-up, I came across these pictures on Jak and Jil blog from backstage at the show. There's a great close-up on the clothes and shoes with some sweet detailing. I want all those pieces.

 By the way, are we sure that Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez are gay? Le sigh.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Music Festival Street Style - SXSW Edition

Now that the weather is a getting warmer, it is time for the music festivals to begin. First up on the list is South by South West, but better known as SXSW to hipsters nationwide, duh.

SXSW takes place in Austin, TX, known as the live music capital of the country. Popular acts were Klaxons, Miami Horror, MSTRKRFT, Afrojack, B.o.B., Bright Eyes, Duran Duran, Mac Miller, Wu Tang Clan, Erykah Badu, The Strokes and soooooooooooooo many more. Literally like shit tons of artists.

We love the music, but we weren't there to experience. HOWEVER! Thanks to ELLE.com we were able to check out some street style snaps from the festival. Here they are:

This girl makes me want to wear pink so hard. Probably only cause it's Miu Miu.

Is there ever anything wrong with an 'All Black Everything' look? No.

100% dig girlfran'

DIY Turban and Red lipstick. Nuff said.

Ombre hair makes all the difference.

All images via Elle.com


Hometown hero and teen phenom Cris Cab does a cover of Kanye West's 'All of The Lights' with a reggae sound and of course, a Miami twist.

Sweet video

Czech it out -

Friday, March 18, 2011


If you haven't seen this video or heard of Rebecca Black and her song called 'Friday' by now, you've pretty much been living in a hole.

YouTube never ceases to amaze us my friends. Rebecca Black is a teenager who took it upon herself to record the world's most awful and annoying song, even more annoying than Soulja boy, and make a music video. The video has now received 17 million views on YouTube. I'm assuming these views are coming from people like me who watch it over and over again and just can't seem to get past how the hell this happened.

My favorite line in the song has GOT to be "yesterday was Thursday, tomorrow it is Friday. We, we, we so excited. We so excited. We gonna have a ball today. Tomorrow is Saturday, and Sunday comes afterwards." Holy shit I had no idea! Thank you Rebecca Black, I didn't know the days of the week.

On another note, what desperate rapper would actually sign up to be in this video? CAREER MOVE FAIL.

So Rebecca Black, thank you for reminding people that literally anyone, ANYONE, can be famous these days. All it takes is some auto-tuning and YouTube. Furthermore, thank you for changing the pronunciation of Friday to Frryyyiiiday.

See below:

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


For you, Joe Jonas.

Once again I bring you more magazine cover goodness with Joe Jonas and his zexy-ness covering the April issue of Details magazine.

Our favorite JoBro is going solo, with his new project to be more of an electronic and dance album. Inneresting.

However, we of course, are more interested in these pikz of him.
Feast your eyes!!!!
 take it off.

 no seriously.

 when you look me in the eyes...

 or not...
Images from Details mag, via JustJared

Hands down our favorite quote from the interview was:
"And now I'm 21," Joe adds. "I wanna go play my music in a club."
Yes Joe, and we want to dance with you in that club. We are 21 too now.

Read More at Details.com


A question we ask ourselves all the time when shopping, atleast I do.

My friend AJ, who is studying abroad in Florence this semester, swears I need to get this shirt. It's 60 Euro, about 70 US dollars, and it's an oversized t-shirt. He says the shirt is from the coolest store he's ever been to "Luisa Via Roma" and according to him he's been to some very cool stores, I can agree.

So friends, do I need this shirt?

 If ya can't read - My Blog is Bigger Than Yours


 I usually never write about food but this place was so damn good, I must.

The other night when I was spring breakin' and partying in Miami (excuse my tool-like language, jeez.) my friends and I realized a late night treat was in order. As Spring Break came to a close, we thought it would only make sense to let loose and eat really fattening food.

Alas, my friend Caro, (UPDATE, sorry White Friendz, y'all need to learn how to pronounce that name) suggested we go to this place called La Moon, a cheap-eats Colombian restaurant. I was drunk so I didn't care where we were going.We took a seat after my other friend was proposed to, and checked out the menu. My eyes were immediately drawn to the "Supermoon Perro". What is this delicacy you may ask? Before I describe, here is a picture:

Photo courtesy of tomcroom.com

Do not be turned off by the photo. The Supermoon Perro contains quite an array of ingredients. These include chorizo, Mozzarella cheese, shoe-string potatoes or as I like to call them papitas, bacon, a quail egg ??, and five different sauces, including mustard and pineapple sauce, and the others I have no idea what they are but I could care less.

Turns out Man v. Food did a segment on this hotdog, so either it's really good or really gross. But I ate it, so it wuz good.

I vaguely remember this hotdog, but all I'm gonna say is if you're in Miami and want a late night eat...go to La Moon and order this. You won't regret it!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Armani Spring/Summer 2011 campaign

For dudes and ladies.

Armani has recently released their Spring Summer 2011 campaign for the Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans line with spokesmodels/ global testimonials Rafael Nadal and Megan Fox.

Here is Rafael Nadal, one of our many dream-boyfriends and guy we will never meet, as the spokesmodel for Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans Spring/Summer 2011 campaign.

Hold on to your panties, girls.

And of course, Miss Foxy, one of our many girlcrushes.

Shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot


As you probably noticed, my loyal readers, I have been slacking. Midterms week for me was met with my 21st birthday hangover, along with a sore throat and of course, lots of school work. Therefore, blogging was the last thing on my mind.

My apologies though! I had an amazing spring break in Miami and now I'm finally tan again. I promise to bring you more picky girl...


Thursday, March 3, 2011


I want this oversized caftan thing from ShopNastyGal so bad.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

TPG goes to the Movies

Movie review courtesy of yours truly! Get excited...

For my internship I am fortunate enough I get to work with movies, and this entails working movie screenings.

Today I had the chance to screen 'Take Me Home Tonight' which stars Topher Grace, Anna Faris, Dan Fogler, and Teresa Palmer at AMC Loew's in Georgetown.

Quick synopsis: Follow an aimless college grad who pursues his dream girl at a wild Labor Day weekend party. He, his twin sister and their best friend struggle with their burgeoning adulthood over the course of the night.

My review: (what really matters) All in all, the movie was really funny. However, I wouldn't go pay to go see this movie. I guess I'd give it a B- or a C+. It had me laughing A LOT, mostly because of Dan Fogler, but the plot was just so overdone. Think of every 80s movie about a kid trying to get the girl and prove everyone wrong, and voila, you have 'Take Me Home Tonight'. However, the music and soundtrack was the bomb. If you're an avid 80s music fan, you'll be singing the entire time. Songs like 'Hungry Like the Wolf', 'Video Killed the Radio Star', 'Safety Dance', 'Bette Davis Eyes', 'Come on Eileen', and 'Let my love open the door' are all apart of the soundtrack. If you're not tired of this story line, then by all means watch it. Topher Grace is adorable, and Teresa Palmer is a bombshell. (Try to ignore her terrible American accent with her Australian coming out.)

Here's the trailer, the movie comes out this Friday, March 4th:

When I turned 17...

I definitely did not get a hotel room and go to a fancy dinner with a special someone...

(Although I did when I was 18...)

Anyway, Justin Bieber is 17 today folks. The biebs is one year closer to being legal and all of us cougars can legally crush on him hard, perhaps pursue him? (Not if we want to get threatened by beliebers.)

This little ball of swag and talent spent his barfday with his lady-friend, Selena Gomez, who we adore. They celebrated a little earlier on Saturday at dinner at some fancy resort, where they spent the night in a $6,000 a night suite. Hmmmmmmmm....The next day the two were hand-in-hand at Vanity Fair's Oscar party.

There is certainly one less lonely girl in the world today, Mr. Biebs. Check out the adorable-ness below:

Images via Just Jared

From Vampire to Crocodile Dundee

How obsessed are we with magazine covers?

Robert Pattinson, aka Edward Cullen, aka the guy who dies in Harry Potter, aka babe, graces the April 2011 issue of Vanity Fair as he does his best Steve Irwin impression.

I'd actually lurve to see Rob do more badass shit like this instead of being the brooding vampire we all love, or hate, in Twilight. Plus, no K-stew.

Here he is ladiez -

Gracias Perezito for the image and Vanity Fair


All I can say is...

I'm alive, and I'm 21.


83rd Academy Awards

Although our beloved James Franco and girlcrush Anne Hathaway were the hosts...it saddens me to say that this years Oscar's were a snooze fest. Nothing exciting, no upsets, just blah really.

I saw the Kings Speech and I would definitely agree it was a great movie, Oscar worthy, but I still wanted The Social Network to win it. Let's be real though, the Academy is a bunch of old peeps, and King's Speech was right up their alley.

However, as readers of my blog, I'm sure you want to hear about the fashion -

Best dressed for me, while many beg to differ, was Cate Blanchett in Givenchy Haute Couture. She absolutely killed it.
Biggest upset: Penelope Cruz. Nena looked like she was on fire with that L'Wren Scott gown, too high school prom in NJ for me, and I LURVE Pene.
Most irrelevant: Jennifer Lawrence in a red Calvin Klein Collection. Like, no one cares that you're nominated and even less so with that ZzzZzZ worthy dress.
Most blah: Reese Witherspoon in Giorgio Armani Prive. Why? I mean, Reese always looks stunning but this dress, like some others was boring.
The dress I'd most likely wear: Mila Kunis in Elie Saab Haute Couture. Or Mila Kunis........ #girlcrush
Dress I want to own but would be afraid of wearing: Anne Hathaway in Oscar de La Renta's one shoulder fringe dress. Awesome to say the least.

(Because honestly, did you think we weren't gonna bring this up?)
Best dressed: Justin Timberlake in Tom Ford. Seriously, who else and what other designer could compare?
Worst dressed: Russell Brand in?
Most kudos: Jesse Eisenberg in Band of Outsiders. I have the biggest nerd crush on him, and he was wearing a label most nominees would opt out of.
Most Awesome: Anne Hathaway in Lanvin. Yes she's a girl, but hey this is menswear. SHE ABSOLUTELY OWNED THAT SUIT, more than any other guy would have.
Hottest DILF in a tux: Colin Firth in 100% Organic Tom Ford. Dad's in sustainable suits for the win, literally.
Most who cares what he's wearing but still looks great: Jake Gyllenhaal in Ferragamo tux. DAYUM.

One more note, I have decided to refrain from discussing James Franco paying homage to Marilyn Monroe in that pink gown. I will pretend it never happened.

All images via the Associated Press, People.com, and of course GOOGLE.