Sunday, February 13, 2011

NYFW - Day 2

Sorry folks, I know I'm behind but what can I say, I guess I actually do have a life.
(More to come on that after...)

Friday Feb 11th marked day 2 of New York Fashion Week, and favorites like Rag & Bone, Rebecca Taylor, Jason Wu, Cynthia Rowley, Rebecca Minkoff as well as Steven Alan and Jeremy Laing were all present.

Has my affinity for black and grey gotten you depressed? Well, looks like blue is the color for Fall 2011. So I guess we'll be sticking to colors with depressing connotations. Yipee! In any case, I was surprised to see how Rag and Bone, for example, incorporated Blue into their collection that started off with winter whites and grey and plaid. Jason Wu utilized a Baroque inspired theme for his collection that went pretty smoothly.

Here are my favorite looks from Friday:

Rebecca Taylor
Blue pants, gimme gimme!

Rebecca Minkoff
Clothes for the cool girls. Id' like those patched pants, pweaze.

Jason Wu
Baroque meets Vampire queen meets Matador

Rag & Bone
This look goes out to my friendz at The University of Florida

These looks and many more at (Thanks for the images)

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  1. the gator nation is everywhere... fashion week too! bwahah