Monday, January 31, 2011

Why the Long-Ugg-Face?

Time to bring out the fashion police.

Winter. A season I'd like to think people with true style come out. No matter the sleet or snow, you bring out your sartorial best.

For some people this is the case. However, I have to face LUF's everytday. What is a LUF you ask?
LUF (noun) - Girl who wears a longchamp purse, Ugg boots, and a Northface Fleece jacket all together. Accompanied by leggings or jeans with an ugly stitching. This trend is made popular by girls attending college in cold climates.

While I must admit that I do own a pair of Ugg Boots (hey, they're they only shoe that keeps my feet warm, and shit, they are comfy!) I do not wear them with this purse and jacket. Sometimes you may see the longchamp purse be traded off for a goddamn Vera Bradley purse. Seriously? Is that crap cute? NO. Those fug-o-licious bags and accessories look like they came from your grandmothers couch.

Enough with this freaking attire. Girls, invest in a utility jacket, combat boots, and a canvas backpack instead of this overplayed and unoriginal look. You can probably buy all three of those items for half the price you invest in that purse, jacket, and boots. Fine if you like to wear each separately...suit yourself! (literally?) Until then, my eyes will continue to bleed everytime I see a LUF.

Suggested attire -
(Obvi bundle up where you need to.)

Stay Picky my Friends...


p.s. - I googled these pics, sue me.

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