Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Why so picky...

Dear Reader, or Read-ette...?

If you are reading this, you are one of the following:
A. My friend/ family member (thanks, guys)
B. You're bored and want a new blog to read
C. Other
D. Who the f cares...

If you thought that multiple choice question was totally pointless, congrats, you passed.

Honestly though, here is why you should read my blog:
You're just like me. A single girl, of a certain age, say in your 20s, boyfriendless, and you scratch your head at why. I'll tell you why, you've consumed your mind with materialistic crap, and spend way too much time with other things such as searching for new music on the web, reading fashion blogs you can't keep up with ($), gawking over hot celebrities that you will probably never marry or even meet, reading the news and magazines, and all other sorts of shit we girls do that scare dudes off. This my friends results in you being picky. Where we will never be pleased or satisfied with anything close to reality.  Or maybe this is just me. In that case, I'll stop here...

Just kidding. I know I'm not the only delusional chick in this world.

Anyway, I've been trying to get a start on this blog phenomenon for sometime and I think I've found something I can work with. I'll just be posting stuff like new stuff for you to download, shit I like that I know those of you like me will like (too many likes in one phrase), trends you should get into, trends you should not be into, and your typical and overdone "artsy-farsty" blog. My goal is to highlight things that we love but ultimately lead to our perpetual picky-ness. (made up word?)

While I may be a stickler for grammar at times, I can't lie, I won't necessarily be following those rules as much as I should in this here thang. (oops)

Keep checking TPG on the regular, join me on this blog journey that is my 2011 resolution...


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