Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Guys we'll never have...

James Franco, the perfect man.

Not only is he broodingly handsome, he is intelligent, a great actor, and hilarious.

James new film, 127 Hours, is out now in select theatres. I haven't gone to see it, but I do intend to before the Oscar's Feb 27th. I'm nervous for seeing it though - not because of the rumored claustrophobia people get as they watch the film, but because he is wearing cargo shorts. Just kidding, this guy looks good in anything. Also, he is nominated for Best Actor for this film, and is hosting the Oscar's with Anne Hathaway. It would be great if he won, but let's be honest, I just want to see him in a suit...or not.

So here's to you, James. The reason why I'll never be satisfied with any future boyfriend...

                                                         Image via Bloginity - Esquire Magazine

                                                            Esquire Magazine 2010
Here's a throwback from GQ 2008, just to remind us nothing has changed.

Here he is talking about 127 Hours and hosting the Oscar's...swoon...

via Associated Press

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