Thursday, January 27, 2011

"It's vintage, bitch."

Over Winter break in Sunny Miami, I was cleaning out my closet, which apparently is also a storage for my mothers old pieces, and came across this red thing. It was wool, large, and smelled old. I put it on, and fell in love. (Not the first time I fall in love with a sweater) I thought it was my grandma's from recent times cause it was pretty big, plus I know Wita has some errr...decent style. But God forbid, I could NEVER wear a grandma sweater!! (or can I?)

So I look at the tag, its from United Colors of Benetton, you know the place with the ads and you're not really sure what the point is, and it looked all worn out. My sister and I gawked over it, fought, and I won cause "I'm the one who goes to school in the cold weather!". (teehee) Momma dukes saw us and told us the story of this oversized red wool cardigan.

She started with "to make a long story short"...which never ends up being short. Basically she got it in the 80s on her honeymoon in Sevilla, Spain. The second I heard that, the lady douche inside of me couldn't wait to brag when people complemented me, or not, on the sweater.

So when people ask me, "OMG love da sweater, where's it from?"

I'll just say...
"It's vintage, bitch."

See for yourselves...
Image via moi.

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  1. "that is the ugliest effing sweater i've ever seen."

    i kid, i kid