Wednesday, March 16, 2011


 I usually never write about food but this place was so damn good, I must.

The other night when I was spring breakin' and partying in Miami (excuse my tool-like language, jeez.) my friends and I realized a late night treat was in order. As Spring Break came to a close, we thought it would only make sense to let loose and eat really fattening food.

Alas, my friend Caro, (UPDATE, sorry White Friendz, y'all need to learn how to pronounce that name) suggested we go to this place called La Moon, a cheap-eats Colombian restaurant. I was drunk so I didn't care where we were going.We took a seat after my other friend was proposed to, and checked out the menu. My eyes were immediately drawn to the "Supermoon Perro". What is this delicacy you may ask? Before I describe, here is a picture:

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Do not be turned off by the photo. The Supermoon Perro contains quite an array of ingredients. These include chorizo, Mozzarella cheese, shoe-string potatoes or as I like to call them papitas, bacon, a quail egg ??, and five different sauces, including mustard and pineapple sauce, and the others I have no idea what they are but I could care less.

Turns out Man v. Food did a segment on this hotdog, so either it's really good or really gross. But I ate it, so it wuz good.

I vaguely remember this hotdog, but all I'm gonna say is if you're in Miami and want a late night eat...go to La Moon and order this. You won't regret it!


  1. yo i aint caroLIEna... stop spreading this foolishness or the gringos will never learn!

  2. youre white too!

    I pronounce all spanish words perfecto :)

  3. hahaha sarah, i know YOU can ;)