Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ultra Musical Festival 2011

So remember when I posted about SXSW street style? No? Ok...

Well my intention was to begin covering fashion or street style seen at these music festivals, and the next one being Ultra held in Miami. Then I remembered Ultra is when most people get the chance to raid American Apparel's neon section and put on glitter, headbands, and dress like cracked out fairies. Not hating, but really, most people wouldn't actually go out like that in public. Key word, most people.

So0o0o because of that, I couldn't find any material to post here. Luckily my people at GQ posted a short album of Ultra and some pictures of DJ's at work, the scene, and parties that go along with Ultra. I thought they were cool so of course I'm sharing with you:

via GQ - Photographs by Ysa Perez

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